Top Los Angeles Landscaping

GreenTree Landscaping
GreenTree's approach is simple: we help you create beautiful surroundings and are committed to nurturing and maintaining those outdoor spaces for the life of the garden. We take pride in our superior design and installation services, where professionalism and practicality balance aesthetics and inspiration. Creating a truly spectacular garden is an evolving process and we are committed to the long-term care and refinement of our installations, making your outdoor environment ever more textured and luxurious.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (323) 468-9740

Garden Design and Landscapes
Garden Design has been in business for several years. For us it is important to understand the functional needs of the garden. All the elements should be in harmony, which is achieved by balancing simplicity (in form, texture and color) and variety (in materials & plants). Our Professional services include: Los Angeles based Licensed Contractors & professional Landscape Designers, with years of training, who will design the total landscape. This includes selecting plant materials and preparing detailed drawings from which the garden, deck or patio will be built.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (323) 377-3937

Derek Wilkins Landscape Design
We have been creating beautiful gardens in Los Angeles for 26 years. We are experienced in all aspects of landscaping from concept to grading, drainage and irrigation, hardscape features including patios, decks, arbors, fire and water features of course plants. Whatever theme you choose, be it Tropical, Xeriscape, Mediterranean or Asian, our team can bring your desires of life.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (323) 465-7788

If you’re considering turning your landscape into a beautiful nightscape, Lunaquatic can help. We use energy efficient accent lights to create an intimate and inviting lighting portrait. If you enjoy the beauty and relaxing sounds of a landscape waterfall or other water feature, then Lunaquatic can create one for you. Our ponds and water features are all one of a kind works of art that require less than ten minutes of maintenance a month. Our sister company, Landscapes by Lunaquatic specializes in residential landscape design and construction. We offer a fully integrated procedure from conception and design to final construction. Along the way we are there to offer solutions, make recommendations, and help find the right materials. Our goal is to help our clients create a garden that is a reflection of their home and personal style.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (866) 771 5862

Four Seasons Landscaping
When you find that you need expert tree-trimming or removal, you need to look no further than Four Seasons Landscaping. We Offer: - Highly Trained Professionals - Expert Tree Trimming and removal - Stump Grinding - Landscape Upgrades - Overall Maintenance.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (323) 658-1047